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What to expect from my classes:

For me yoga is creating a relationship with yourself, on a physical, emotional, mental, and energetic level. Yoga (Sanskrit) - meaning union or yoking. Connecting our minds to our bodies, tapping into our senses and subtle energies. Our breath is the bridge to this union and one of the so many tools in this wonderful practice. Yoga is for everyone and anyone who wants to feel more connected, more at ease, and more empowered in their own skin. In my classes, you will learn pranayama breathing techniques, mantra mediation, mudra hand gestures, and our anatomical structure through asana in yin, hatha, vinyasa and kundalini practices.

 We move our bodies to stimulate, to circulate, and to stir up anything stagnant causing dis-ease. We find a balance between flexibility and strength, exertion and releasing, projecting, and receiving. We connect to our chakra energy centers, stimulate our nervous system, and cleanse our glands and organs for optimal performance. Yoga is available in so many ways and can be practiced anywhere at any time. By simply becoming aware of the present moment, tuning into the breath, the body, and thought patterns. By stopping to smell the roses, moving your body in any way that feels good, finding gratitude and appreciation at any moment. By practicing conscious awareness.

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