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Yoga with Kaley has changes my life! I wasn't a yoga fan before i started and Kaley transformed me. Her yoga classes have taught me so much about loving y body and breathing through stressful times. Kaley is an incredible instructor and now I hate missing Yoga!!!! I feel so lucky to have found Kaley's classes.


In House Flow

I’m so thankful that I found Yoga with Kaley!  Right in Penhold!

Kaley has extensive knowledge and a beautiful way of teaching.  She gives clear instruction and her flows are creative and fun!  She puts a deep intention to her class;  I feel  connection-to the practice, to myself, to my breath - and leave feeling amazing!

This is a really lovely in home studio.  Kaley has some really great music as well. 

Dorothy C

In House Flow

Kaley is a bridge from the physical world to the spirit realm. she is a powerhouse. She has her feet firmly rooted to the earth, and at the same time she is open to more than what the eyes can see. Her understanding of what it means to weave the masculine with the feminine is inspiring. Her knowledge of magnetism, electricity, travel, the body, energetics, herbs, and emotion excites me every time I'm around her because she can connect in so many different ways. She is a true embodiment of what she practices, which I believe gives her the power to preach it. 


Kundalini Yoga

A few months ago, in a group of women i know, I heard the chatter of a Kundalini Class being led by Kaley. I felt a nudge towards it, and I am so glad to have followed that. 


Mornings are not something I am skilled at, for those who know me they know I've never been an early riser. For some reason or another, getting up to be in the [online] presence of such a woman has been simply effortless. For those of you who know Kaley, you know that aura she has, that magnetism and wisdom her old soul carries to all those she meets.

Being led through something I've never done before, I felt completely comfortable and there was little, if anything, that i was left wondering. She explains not only the postures, mantras, and breathing techniques in a very simple way, but she goes into the reasons, benefits, and science of the postures. She goes into the self. Her practice really helped me to further delve into what it is I need inwardly, in a safe and light way.


As far as the physical experience and benefits of Kaley's Kundalini Practice, you feel the subtle rush of both energy and healing juices as they surge through your body, and I am often left with a body high. I have been grateful to have been led by her, in a way only she could lead me through this beautiful and educational experience.


For anyone looking to intertwine a healing and restorative practice into your life, I would highly recommend Yoga With Kaley's Kundalini Practice. 


Kundalini Yoga

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